SimpleHG Rank Requirements

If you are a popular Minecraft YouTuber/Streamer with a large channel, you may be eligible for the Media rank. This rank comes with some benefits in order to make recording videos here on the network more easy, such as our nickname feature in order to avoid players targeting you in games while you are trying to record and an Aqua coloured name to stand out when you want to be seen.

We can, in some cases, give out other ranks (e.g. PRO) to players who do not quite meet the Media requirements. We are much stricter on this, and will not always give out the rank even if you appear to meet the requirements. This is entirely at our discretion. These other ranks do not include benefits such as nicknaming, which is only given out with Media & ELITE+.

Requirements for ranks

Rank YouTube Subscriber / Twitch Follower Ø YouTube Views Ø Twitch Views SimpleHG Content Access to /nick  
~2.500 ~750 ~125 5 uploaded videos / streams
~4.000 ~1.250 ~250 3 uploaded videos / streams
~6.500 ~2.500 ~350 2 uploaded videos / streams
MEDIA ~10.000+ ~4.000 ~550 1 uploaded video / stream

If you need any more assistance, a member of our staff team should be able to help. Send a message on the forum or e-mail. We will try our best to answer any questions and queries you bring to us as quickly as possible.